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Evangelism (G.R.O.W)

Leader: Gary Williams



GROW team has the purpose of:

1. Visiting people who have visited our church.

2. Visiting people whose names are turned in from church members.

3. Visiting church members who are sick.

4. Visiting shut-ins within community that are not church members.


The program is designed so that a team member will only be committed to one night a month for visiting.  Visitation is on a limited basis during the winter months.  Each team meets once a month.


G Team:  Meets on the first Monday night of the month.

R Team:  Meets on the second Monday night of the month.

O Team:  Meets on the third Monday night of the month.

W Team:  Meets on the fourth Monday night of the month.

No one meets if there is a fifth Monday.


*IF YOU’RE NOT COMFORTABLE GOING ON PERSONAL VISITATIONS.  The program has other areas for church members to serve, like personal phone calls, letter or card writing.  This program offers personal training by accompanying someone who is willing to instruct you in witnessing.



  April 2021  
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