Sermons are now on YouTube!

Last year, we began the process of getting all our sermons uploaded to our YouTube channel which was a slow process and became hard to keep up with. Now, we have a dedicated individual who takes the recorded sermon from the sunday morning service, and usually has it uploaded to YouTube by Sunday evening. This is a great way to spread our church's ministry around the world to anyone that would like to learn. Be sure to visit our YouTube page and review the sermons. Leave a like or comment on the videos to push them higher in YouTube's algorithms. Share the videos on your own social media to spread the word of God as far as possible. 

Background Checks

In order to assist with any under-18 activites including Sunday School, VBS, KK Camp, or any other church-hosted children activities, you must have a background check. If you wish to apply for a background check, see Mrs. Mary Jo Counts during office hours, or find her after church on Sunday to have her put your information in. Two days after your appointment with Mrs. Debbie, call 877-275-7099 and provide them with some basic information to have them send you a copy of your report. Then, email or bring Mrs. Mary Jo the report to be filed. After that, you will be cleared to work with children under 18!